Let Us Share Our Story With You

Ms. Hodges also observed her sister’s need to constantly remind her children to “take your vitamins”. Conventional supplements were not very appealing to the children because of their crunchy bite, chalkiness and unpleasant after-taste.

Concerned about the health and well-being of children, Ms. Hodges began consulting with children’s nutritionists, food chemists and production experts. The challenge was to create a new children’s nutritional delivery system incorporating the delightful taste of gummy bears without sacrificing nutritional value. Two years later, the first all natural gummy vitamin was ready for market and has since become the #1 selling children’s vitamin in the industry.

Due to the overwhelming success of the Yummi Bears® line for children, Hero has since launched Slice of Life®, a full line of all natural gummy vitamins for adults. In more recent years Hero has also expanded into dark chocolate vitamins and calcium supplements.

In 1997, The Original Gummy Vitamin, Yummi Bears brought to our homes Multi-Vitamins & Mineral, Wholefoods + Antioxidants and Vitamin C. Hero continued the innovation and in 2009, Yummi Bear Organics, adorned retail shelves. Yummi Bears Vegetarian launched in 2010 and most recently, Yummi Bear Sugar Free gummy vitamins, providing a fruit sweetened all natural solution to sugar aware families.

With the overwhelming success of the original Yummi Bears line for children, Hero, in 2007, launched Slice of Life, the premium all-natural gummy vitamin for adults. Following the success into the adult vitamin arena, Hero expanded into dark chocolate vitamins and calcium supplements, and 2009 Healthy Indulgence was a household Mom’s favorite.

By transforming the once dreadful chore into a fun, tasty experience, Hero Nutritionals has changed the way adults and children take their daily vitamins and minerals. Envisioning, crafting and launching the unique gummy delivery system has changed the vitamin industry and continues to inspire others to think and create other unique delivery systems.

Today, after 16 years of innovating nutrition, Hero Nutritionals offers more than 30 supplement options, and continues to craft more with Ms. Hodges thought, “Pure love deserves pure nutrition”.