Building a Balanced Meal

Posted by Sarah Hendrix on Jul 24, 2014

Step 1: Determine your Calorie Needs




Step 2: Where your Calories Should Come from


Step 3: Building a Healthy Plate Quick Tips

     • Choose Whole Grains (look for the word “whole” as the first ingredient)

     • Load up on fruits and vegetables


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Check out our favorite 5 Healthy Morning Routines to brighten your day!

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10 Fun, Healthy Summer Snacks

Posted by Sarah Hendrix on Jul 11, 2014


Here are some fun snack foods for the family to munch on--all of which are healthy alternatives to junk food and highlight produce filled with vitamins.

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Keep Dad healthy with these 3 essential vitamins!

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National Running Day Challenge

Posted by Sarah Hendrix on Jun 04, 2014

Today is not just any is National Running Day! Click here to take our Hero Challenge! #HeroesRun

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Lycopene has more amazing health benefits that you may think! Read the 5 things you should know about Lycopene and how to get the most out of its spectacular benefits + where to look for it.

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Slice of Life Multi+ won the 2014 Supplement Essentials Award from Taste for Life! Check out all the winners!

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San Clemente, Calif.—January 2013— Hero Nutritionals, the maker of the original gummy vitamin, Yummi Bears®, introduces two sugar-free vitamins to the Yummi Bears® line to help kids get essential nutrients without added sugar. Naturally sweetened with fiber and lo han fruit, kids will love the...

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