As we venture into back to school season, it's time to start healthy eating habits that will follow into the school year! We believe that pure nutrition is the

beginning to a healthy lifestyle, but it is important to make sure that you strive for good health in all areas of life, including diet. Get the most out of your

day by building a healthy meal and enjoying your natural gummy vitamins by Hero Nutritionals throughout the day for extra support!l! The formula for a

balanced plate is simple, and once you know the basics, it's much easier to create a healthy meal whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner! So here we go!


Creating a balanced meal takes only 4 Simple Steps:


Step 1: Determine Your Calorie Needs





Step 2: Know Where Your Calories Should Come From


Step 3: Building a Healthy Plate Quick Tips

     • Choose Whole Grains (look for the word “whole” as the first ingredient)

     • Load up on fruits and vegetables

     • Reduce intake of liquid calories/liquid sugar (ie. Soda, juices, alcohol)

     • Use the MyPlate technique as a rule of thumb:

          o Make ½ your plate fruits and vegetables

          o ¼ plate lean protein

          o ¼ plate healthy grains

          o Opt for skim milk or 1% milk for low fat dairy options 


Step 4: Grocery Shop!


Having the right food ingredients is key to building a well-balanced meal. We recommend selecting a specific day to do your grocery shopping for the week.

Have already chosen your recipes or meal ideas to be used the upcoming week.


Not only will being prepared with a list save you time and money, but it will also help you to avoid picking out things you really don’t need (like…junk food).

When in doubt, follow the guidelines of the Move Nourish Believe Clean Grocery Shopping List:




Packing Healthier School Lunches


As we gear up for back to school this fall, don’t forget to make packing your kids a healthy lunch part of your routine. Use your Grocery list to stay

organized and have the kids pick out functional lunch boxes that will make packing easy and lunch time fun! Towards the end of the summer, have your

kids brainstorm or research healthy lunch box meals they’d like to include on their back to school menu. Don’t forget to include an encouraging note from




Take to School Taco Bar!



Tacos are the perfect way to include a healthy protein, carbohydrate and fat serving all at once. Include lots of healthy toppings like shredded lettuce and

salsa to squeeze in extra veggie servings. 



Spinach Salad, Orange Slices & Toasted Pita Bread



You can make this in advance for the whole week and everyone in the family can enjoy a delicious lunch all week long.



Roasted Turkey Pin-Wheel Sandwiches



Have the kids help you make these the night before! 




Avocados Stuffed wtih Shrimp Salsa


Avocados are filled with natural oils that help the brain run smoothly! Add in extra fruits and veggies to make a yummi salsa filled with nutrients and
vitamins! Pair with fruit from your local farmer's market--pick one that is in season for the best flavor!

Yummi Green Salad, Cherries & a Boiled Egg



Throw together leafy greens, the darker, the more nutrients! Add in lycopene rich tomates and a sweet fruit with a lean protein line an egg, and you have
beautiful balanced meal! Don't forget to add Yummi Bears Multi Vitamin & Mineral Daily To-Go Pack to the box to get all the nutrients needed to have a
successful day at school!