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Kids Vitamins

For quite some time, multivitamins were seen as a strictly adult product, used in order to maintain proper health as we age. But the growth and development of a child is most critical in the first few years of life, and adding a multivitamin regiment to your child’s daily diet could be help dramatically with body strength and function as they grow.

Gummy Vitamins Online

There are countless places to purchase vitamins online, and often times it can be difficult to track down the right one for you. So why not go with the country’s number one choice for gummy vitamins, by choosing a nutrition based vitamin from Hero Nutritionals. Don’t be fooled by imitators, because when it comes to finding the best gummy snack for your daily consumption, Hero Nutritionals continues to lead the way.

Gummy Vitamins

If you are experiencing issues with getting your kids to take their daily vitamins, there’s an easier option than traditional pill form supplements. Our gummy vitamins have the appearance and taste of delicious fruit snack, with all the essential, daily nutrients and minerals needed to keep your child healthy and enriched. Check out the options Hero Nutritionals has for your family today.

Gummy Vitamin

There is no shortage of chewable, gummy vitamins on the market, so shouldn't you go with the original? Hero Nutritionals has led the way in producing the highest quality, chewable vitamins possible, and since 1997 we have been committed to keeping our valued customers healthy and balanced.

Chewable Vitamins

Our trademark Yummi Bear brand of chewable vitamins has been the best-selling gummy vitamin for some time now, and there is no surprise as to why. Yummi Bears provide children with the essential vitamins and minerals that are crucial to early development, and we have refined our formula to allow for the best possible combination of elements. We have led the way in providing balanced nutrition for children since 1997, and people continue to see the benefits of Hero Nutritionals 16 years later.

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