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Acquiring the proper amount of nutrients on a daily basis can be a challenge, especially with our busy schedules and fast-paced lives. But you'll find plenty of gummy vitamin options that solve this problem with us. Hero Nutritionals gets the big picture, and knows you want a great tasting vitamin that includes everything you need to live a healthy, sustainable life. There is no risk in starting a consumption regiment of our gummy vitamins, and you will be pleased knowing that you are helping your body get through the day.  Get on the path to healthier living and see exactly what a new regiment of delicious Slice of Life chewables can do for your general health.
Many children are known to dislike vitamins because they have to either be swallowed, or they have an unpleasant taste. We understood that Adults want exactly the same characteristics in a vitamin that children do, and even though we started specializing in children’s vitamins, we have broadened our range to include a variety of options for adults. Wonderful tasting vitamins are something that everyone can enjoy, no matter age, and our group of vitamins is far beyond any competing brand. Don’t let imitators fool you. We are the original gummy vitamin, and remain the most popular selling vitamin for children because of our dedication to quality.
Our adult vitamins are specially constructed to complement the nutrient areas where people are most lacking, providing appropriate nutrition throughout the day. The consumption of lycopene, found in our adult vitamins, helps develop effective immunities that can keep you at your best all year. The advantages of adding an individual daily vitamin to your could be great, and there are absolutely no drawbacks to choosing one or more of our treatments to help move towards healthy living.

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