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Gummy Vegetarian Vitamins

At Hero Nutritionals we are experts in making sure that your children are getting the vitamins and minerals that all growing bodies require, and we've produced various gummy options to accommodate any and all dietary limitations. Our vegetarian products are so popular because of the increasing health consciousness we are seeing around the country, and the desire to pass positive health habits onto our children. In many cases our gummy vitamins include substances and nutrients that are extracted from animal by-products, and most of the time it makes no difference to our customers. And while this might not mean anything to a large majority of individuals, people who stick to a vegetarian or vegan life style will be pleased to hear that Hero Nutritionals now offers vegetarian multivitamins for both children and adults.
In many cases the capsules of swallowable vitamins and the consistency of gummy vitamins are created through the use of gelatin, but in making our vegetarian vitamins, we have avoided this completely, ensuring you are getting the animal-free product that you need. Furthermore, the pectin that's found in our vitamins is produced from fresh fruit and totally vegetarian approved. We are committed to getting you the highest quality product possible that adheres to all vegetarian regulations.
Our sugar free supplements give adults and kids alike a complete amount of vitamin nutrition, while remaining a completely artificial sugar free. Consider a few of the great sugar free possibilities supplied by Hero Nutritionals, if you are attempting to decrease the daily sugar consumption of you or your child. They have the same awesome taste of original Yummi Bears and Slice of Life products with none of the added sugar, so make a change now and check out our new sugar free solutions.

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