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Organic Chewable Vitamins

Deciding on an organic vitamin option shouldn’t mean that you are limited to poor tasting options, we have created the world’s best tasting children’s vitamin from completely organic ingredients. No additives or GMO byproducts in our Yummi Bears Organics, we are dedicated to our products maintaining the highest level of integrity as they are converted from natural substances. Don’t be tricked by imitators, when it comes to the industry leader in children’s organic vitamins the best option is the Yummi Bear formula. Each vitamin is allergy free and can be used alongside any other Hero Nutritional vitamin supplement.
Your daily intake of vitamins and minerals is critical to maintaining proper health from the time you are a child continuing on into your adult years. There are plenty of choices when it comes to vitamins and supplements, but when considering the best option for you or your child, you should look at the facts regarding your brand. Our chewable organic vitamins are held to the highest standards of quality and the loyalty of customers over the years has presented the value in creating some of the best tasting, nutrient rich vitamins available. The point of an organic substance is to hone in on the properties of natural elements without chemical or synthetic additives. Hero Nutritionals recognizes the positive impact of organic foods on our bodies and the environments we live in, and continues to lead the way in producing vitamins individuals of any age.
The popularity of Hero Nutritionals’ line of chewable vitamins goes back to our founder’s original mission, to make a better tasting, nutrient rich vitamin that resembled a gummy bear, instead of a crunchy, chalk like vitamin. Originally designed for just children, the chewable gummy vitamin became a national trend and adult options for chewable vitamins became available soon after. With the most popular selling children’s vitamin, and an increasingly popular demand for our adult choices, there is no reason to look anywhere besides Hero Nutritionals for all of your vitamin needs. And now our list of vitamin choices includes vegetarian options, sugar free options and vitamin specific chewable.

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