Yummi Bears®

The Original® Gummy Vitamin. Naturally Yummi® Nutrition.

Yummi Bears® is America’s #1 selling gummy vitamin brand!†† 

Yummi Bears® gummy vitamins are made with premium quality ingredients and are scientifically formulated with a child’s growth and development in mind. Yummi Bears offers a broad line of functional vitamins that provide optimal nutritional support. Click the product images below to explore each of our all-natural offerings!

All of our products are:

• Made with all-natural fruit flavors, colors and sweeteners

• Free of allergens, gluten, dairy and soy 

††  Based on SPINS sales data 52 weeks ending 12/2013



Yummi Bears Organics®

The first and only organic gummy vitamin for children. Yummi Bears Organics® are for those health conscious consumers who want great tasting, nutritionally potent vitamins that support their commitment to eating and living organically.

All of our Yummi Bears Organics® products are:

• Made with all-natural and organic fruit flavors, colors and sweeteners

• Free of GMOs, gelatin, allergens, gluten, dairy and soy

• Vegetarian Approved with a fruit pectin base.


Slice of Life®

Slice of Life® gummy vitamins are scientifically formulated for adults and made with natural ingredients tested for purity and potency. Slice of Life offers a broad line of functional vitamins that provide the nutritional support adults need in a delightfully pleasant tasting gummy form.

Slice of Life® Adult Gummy Vitamins are:

•  Made with all-natural fruit flavors, colors and sweeteners

•  Free of allergens, gluten, dairy, nuts and soy

•  Quality tested for purity and potency

•  Great tasting and easy to swallow

Healthy Indulgence®

Healthy Indulgence® premium dark chocolate vitamins are made with 60% premium cacao dark chocolate to satisfy even the most sophisticated palate! Cacao dark chocolate contains antioxidants called flavonols that may protect your body from free radicals and support the immune and nervous system.


CinnaBeticII® is an all natural extract containing clinically tested Cinnulin PF®, a proprietary water soluble extract of cinnamon which may promote healthy sugar metabolism and support healthy blood pressure. CinnaBeticII® contains double-linked type A polymers, which is the active component of cinnamon. Just two CinnaBeticII® capsules are the equivalent to twenty standard whole herb cinnamon capsules.


† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.